Wednesday, December 4

Classic Gifts for 2014!!

Are you recovering from Cyber Monday like I am? I don't know how many emails I got frantically reminding me about 30% off entire sites with extra 10-15% off promo codes but it stressed me out and I'm glad it's over! Me, me, me shopping is hopefully coming to a halt at least temporarily because it's time to think of others! Zee holiday season is just around the corner and it's time to buy gifts for friends and family. Whenever I think of Christmas gifts I'm reminded of the things I got when I was 8-10 years old. These were my favorite Christmas memories and I think I got the best gifts back then. They were simple classics but really satisfying to receive on the big day and were great basics that I could enjoy immediately. To this day I consider them trusty options to fall back on when I'm shopping for others. So much so that I think this year I really need to branch out and think of other options! But in any case here are some ideas.

1. A super comfortable robe. We used to always get a new one for my mom. Either an amazingly plush bathrobe or a fantastic mumu variation in some absurdly decadent but holiday appropriate red color. I vote this the underdog of Christmas gifts. Do people still own bathrobes? Do people still wish they did? Probably! I know I want one! I'd be wearing it now if I had one. For this option your best bet is to go for the old timey Dad type robes for maximum comfort and minimal style. To keep it classy, let's go with a dark neutral color. Plaids are great too if you really want to look like Uncle Eddie on Christmas morning.

2. Calendars and Planners
This was a holiday tradition. About five years in a row I got a new NSYNC calendar and it was great. Why? Because like a robe, you don't realize how handy it is. It's not something you'd be excited to get yourself but it's something that is instantly appreciable. Plus it's something you see everyday so why not find a nice one. Or a hilarious one. Pony calendars are a favorite for the man in your life. Same goes for planners. Necessary and thoughtful.

3. Scarves
Tis the season. No really, have you been outside? It is cold here on the east coast. And if you're one of the lucky ones shivering in 60 degree weather near palm trees then you might not be as cold but scarves are still seasonally appropriate and adorable.

4. Slippers
This falls under the category of comfort. This is the kind of gift you'd open and immediately put on and wear for the rest of your day, along with your new robe. Keep your feet warm and cozy.

5. Sleep eye mask
See...the sleep mask is the sort of gift that I think one would/should be happy to receive for ANY holiday. It is so convenient but it seems NOBODY owns one. Or else they're so easy to lose. Or maybe you never think to spring for a cute one and instead are still using the one you got for free on your last American Airlines flight. Guilty, but then I lost mine. Like, three years ago. I always kick myself for not getting this adorable Holly Golightly inspired eye mask from Fred Flare. They were available the last couple of years but alas, are now sold out. Still, it's possible to find other equally cute and creative ones online. I've provided a link to Etsy. Because why not support the local creatives out there??

6. Music device players.
So, back in 2000 the really cool gift I got came in an enormous box that was almost as big as me. I received this enormous (Back then, technologically speaking, the bigger the device, the better the sound. It seems we have now flipped this concept. And thank goodness. This boombox I'm talking about took up about half my room.) and I mean BIG CD stereo set. It held 3 CDs (Amazing!), had a radio, AND a double cassette player. And it came flanked by two insanely obnoxious prone-to-dust speakers. This was the coolest thing I'd ever set eyes on. In the age of iPhones and smart phones the act of listening to music has sort of been neglected and left up to your computer or phone. I love this Crosley USB turntable because it serves some major double-duty action. It gives you a chance to listen to some old records and feel nostalgic at home, while converting the LPs to digital tracks to listen on the go! Genius? And Floral. I know. I'm in love, too.

What classic gifts did you receive when you were younger that you think still hold up as time goes on? Is there something you like to get over and over? What's the gift you keep on giving? Besides your amazing friendship and company of course?


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