Tuesday, October 22


EVAZZIE Wardrobe Staples

H&M short sleeve shirt, $11 / AllSaints leather jacket / rag & bone/JEAN blue jeans / Jenni Kayne red shoes / J.Crew boots / Lulu Frost crystal necklace, $205 / Topshop black hat

On days when I wake up an hour later than I hoped--which, I'll be first to admit...happens more often than not--I am always happy to reach into my closet (or the growing pile of clothes living out of my suitcase that I have not been able to put away yet), and rely on some of the trustworthy pieces I have that effortlessly put together an entire outfit without much thought. There are some staple pieces that I absolutely need, and based on those things I can swap out one or two things and make an endless amount of different outfit ideas! Here are the things I consider necessary for a good wardrobe:

A leather jacket
A statement necklace
Striped tees
Boyfriend jeans
Skinny jeans
Leather leggings
Black beanie
Classic black shoes
Shoes in novelty colors (red, silver)

I'm proud to say that I've been told on multiple occasions that I've mastered the art of dressing chicly, stylishly, but while somehow managing to look like the most comfortable person in the room. Some of this has to do with my tendency to like very loose clothes and layers, as opposed to tight, constricting layers. If I'm really lazy in the morning and in a DGAF mood, I'll want to grab a pair of insanely loose bf jeans and a men's tee. If I left the house like that I'd look like a hobo or a sad, small girl. This is where my cropped leather jacket, statement necklace, and silver Superga sneakers come in to save my look!

I once went out in a pair of gray sweatpants but I paired it with my rather obnoxious and adorable rose necklace from J.Crew, my leather jacket, and a high heeled pair of boots and got compliments all night. Win-win.


PS: the beanie wins best accessory for all bedheads out there.

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