Thursday, September 5

#GLAMPING: Instagram shots from the Catskills, aka the perfect last weekend of August!!

Well, we got back from the Catskills Monday night. I can't believe it's already Thursday. I can't really tell if I feel like it was just yesterday or if it feels like it's been a month. But it doesn't matter. The trip was WONDERFUL!!! Topher's uncle's house was absolutely charming. We swam in a waterfall, went hiking all over through a meadow, to a reservoir, to the waterfalls, to the lake. Perfectly crisp weather. It's a little dreary to be back to the daily grind but it sure was amazing while it lasted. I brought a weird mix of things with me which included Ferragamo sandals and crocodile Doc Martens but a side from getting a little muddy, everything worked out well!



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