Saturday, August 24

Is it fall yet?

Autumn Preview

I wouldn't have guessed that I'd be championing the end of summer, but I must admit that sweating is beginning to get a wee bit tiresome. Also, now marks the period where every store I pass is proudly displaying fall collections that still seem way too heavy and warm to even come near. 

Alas, tomorrow is the first day of the last week of August. I don't know when the actual first day of Autumn is but I see September 1st as the general marker for fall, fall, fall! I am excited to break out my beanie. As we make the slow approach to cooler weather, (the long-awaited sweater weather!! o glory.) there are a few things I'm really looking forward to. Such as long sleeve and shorts combinations. Sweaters and denim cut-offs are my way of holding on to the Summer while welcoming the Fall. I'll trade in my Ferragamo sandals (this is really just symbolic name-dropping, considering those poor guys have been held hostage at the cobbler's for a month now) and open toed flats for my ankle boots, but I'll keep the lightweight dresses. It may still be too warm for actual sweaters so instead I am constantly sporting one of two denim jackets. One is dark, fitted, and feminine...the other is a boys' XL jacket that is perfectly tomboyish with cropped sleeves!

Labor day weekend we're going to the Catskills with friends and I'll pull all the stops to give Summer one last hurrah! I'm tearing apart my apartment looking for my bikini bottoms, so we can take one last dip before the sun sets. 

xo evazzie

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