Monday, April 22

Your order has been shipped...!!!

I pretty much never shop online--WELL, actually, I shop online like a fiend, but what I should say is I never "purchase" online. I have the worst buyer's remorse to begin with but that added with my strange but real fear of anything that has to do with shipping, packages, or the US postal service means that my online shopping cart usually acts as the purest form of retail therapy. The kind that heals fast but doesn't burn you.

BUT SOMETIMES I MUST GIVE IN. I finally ordered a pair of silver metallic Superga sneakers from the J.Crew website. I've been wanting a pair of these for so long and they finally went on sale so who was I to say no?...

Plus, with the upcoming trip to Europe (16 DAYS AWAY!) I know we'll be walking around a ton and I'm realizing the convenience of owning a pair of sneakers that make me smile and want to immediately skip for glee. I have a ton of outfits that I envision pairing with these sneakers (little white dresses, denim cutoffs and stripes) and can't wait to get them! That's another thing. I never order online so when I finally do I am the most eager person as I wait in anticipation for my packages. (Which is why I'm PISSED at the US postal service right now because my last two anticipated packages from loved ones never arrived. WTF. I h8 u.)

I wish I owned the silver Cambridge satchel as well. These two together would be one killer combination of Ostentatious, and I mean that in the greatest way.

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