Monday, March 18

err'day staples: my tote

How great was that episode of The Mindy Project when she meets ADORABLE SETH MEYERS (good god, he is the cutest man) and talks about how she can never pass up a good tote bag? 

Mindy: "Like anyone who goes to the bookstore, I wasn't there to buy books. I do that on the internet at, like, 50% off and free shipping and no tax.  Oh, my God, $28.95 for a book? But luckily, this time, I made an exception, because if there's one thing that I can never resist, it's a good tote bag." 

Ugh, that joke is a perfect example of why I love her and why her show is one of my faves right now. I'll write an ode to the show another time because the whole Bruce Springsteen and Danny storyline alone deserves its own post. 

O trusted tote. I thank you for allowing me to schlep to and fro wherever I go. I've owned a lot of tote bags in my day but this one from The Quality Mending Co. was the ideal tote that I've literally lusted over for three years. But I've long been aware that I need to spend $90 on a canvas bag like I need a hole in my head. (This is the best saying anyone ever came up with.) 

For a short time they offered the bag at half price and were donating all proceeds to Rockaway Relief after Sandy. So glad I picked it up and I felt much less guilty knowing it was going to a good cause. 

This bag is likely the cause for my stunted height and future back problems because I use it to carry around my laptop and library books. But without it I wouldn't look nearly as Crazy Bag Lady as I do so that means I love it. 

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